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Any order related enquiries, please WhatsApp +852 5377 6156 and quote your order number.

如有訂單問題,請WhatsApp +852 5377 6156 


1) Is it waterproof? 櫈是否防水?

Craft paper is not water proof. Though if you spilt a bit of drinks on it, it will dry naturally leaving in air. Just wipe with dry tissue/tower is fine, or just leave it to dry out. 牛皮紙不防水,沾溼野飲唔怕,會自然乾,切勿浸水或淋雨


2) How to clean the stool? 如何清理?

No special cleanse needed. You can wipe the dust with dry tower/tissue once a while. As the stool being set up, it automatically shake off any dirt that might have been attached to it before. 毋需特別處理,用幹布或紙巾擦拭即可,如有灰塵,可以抖走


3) How to stretch the bench to make it stable? 拉伸長櫈?

Step 1 - For the first time using the bench, two persons to hold two ends of the bench. One person stretches it to 3m max on one side to fully open the bench Demo video
Step 2 - After fully stretched, please pause for 10 seconds
Step 3 - Repeat above two steps 2-3 times then it can stretch to full or fold to minimum
Step 4 - Open and fold, enjoy the bench!


步驟 1- 如第一次使用,需要兩人手握兩端拉伸。一端拉伸至最長3米

步驟 2- 拉伸至3米後定格10秒 視頻示範

步驟 3- 重複以上動作2-3次

步驟 4- 拉伸後,平時使用正常拉伸或收縮即可


4) What are the payment methods? 付款方式?

- Credit cards: Visa/Mastercard/American Express/PayPal

- Payme/Alipay HK 支付寶(香港)/ Octopus 八達通卡: 麻煩WhatsApp +852 5377 6156攞QR code

- FPS/Bank Deposit: HSBC 049-723463-838 |+852 5377 6156 


5) Do you have stocks and how long it takes for delivery? 幾時送貨?

The inventory are updated and some may be pre-order products. Your order will take 1-14 days for delivery otherwise we will communicate with you. 視乎庫存,訂單確認後1-14 日送貨,如有更改會另行通知


6) Can arrange delivery after moving in? 可否等到入伙後送貨?

Congratulations! Sure, please remark in order or WhatsApp us to confirm the dates. 恭喜新屋入伙!當然可以,WhatsApp與我地聯絡或者訂單備註日期即可