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香港居家3個免費App |3 Free Apps for Your Hong Kong Home


Hey, wonder how to hire a part-time cleaner? Sell secondhand furnitures? Look for mini storage for temporary use? Check out 5 FREE apps solves all above issues in this newsletter!



1. Toby (iOS/ Android)


One Platform to hire all local services, including part-time housekeeper, AC cleaning, TV wall mounting, even tutors!


2. 寶易存 Boxful (Android only)


Boxful was founded on the belief that storage should be simple, affordable, and secure. Whether you’re moving house, storing out of season clothes, or making space for a new family member, Boxful is at your services.


3. Carousell (iOS/ Android)

二手物品買賣交易平台, 用家對用家(Customer to customer)或者商家對用家(Business to customer)都有,鹹魚白菜各有所愛。

Major secondhand or even brand new products trading platform for Customer-to-customer (C2C) as well as Business-to-customers(B2C)